Are you going through a Separation or Divorce?

...What about the house? 

Often the biggest asset up for discussion during a separation or divorce is who's getting the house, and who's paying for the mortgage? 

Whether you're keeping the house, downsizing, or getting a fresh start in a new home - I can help maneuver the complicated process. 

As a mortgage advisor, I can help you manage your money, not just your mortgage. Whatever life throws your way -- I am here to help ensure your mortgage works for you. 

Common questions: 
- Can I get a mortgage on my own? 
- Do I need to downsize my house? 
- Can I afford to keep the house? 
- My spouse had everything in their name, I'm worried about my credit rating. 
- What if my ex misses mortgage payments? 
- Can I get a new home for myself and pay my support payments? 

I have the answers and I'll help: 

- Buy out your ex 
- Find new ways to qualify for a mortgage 
- Review your mortgage plan 
- Maximize your cash flow 
- Develop your credit rating 

I have the Expertise, Experience, and Plan to help. 
Give me a call for a free consultation and let's get started! 

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