Prepare today for the care you may need tomorrow

Innovative coverage to help protect your savings and investments against the costs of long term care. With unique features and benefits, it is designed to give you choice in the type of care you receive.

Client Benefits

  • Select individual coverage or unique Shared Coverage for couples – a first in Canada!
  • Choose the amount of insurance; up to $1 million in Single Life Coverage and $2 million for Shared Coverage
  • Receive benefits for home care and double for facility care
  • Use LivingCare’s Care Support Services to navigate and connect with local long term care networks
  • Add more protection with the optional Inflation Protection and Return of Premium on Death Riders


Provides benefits to help cover the cost of long term care, either home-based or in a long term care facility, and is ideal for:

  • Retirees and pre-retirees concerned about: becoming a burden to their family, maintaining quality of life, protecting retirement savings, and estate preservation
  • Couples
  • People, often women, who have had care-giving experience and understand the challenges
  • Children of aging parents who want to help them prepare for their long term care needs
  • Employers looking to improve employee benefits



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